About the Attorney

I communicate promptly and smoothly, and commit myself to my work.


  • Graduate School of Law, Hanyang University
  • Hanyang University Law College
  • Myeongdeok Foreign Language High School


  • -Acquired the attorney qualification from the 3rd the examination for the bar
  • -Law firm Continent Ajoo
  • -Law firm Sunwoo
  • -Law firm Handong
  • -Law firm Haeseung
  • -Court-appointed lawyer at Supreme Court
  • -Court-appointed lawyer at Seoul Southern District Court
  • -Court-appointed lawyer at High Military Court
  • -Honorary teacher and membet of School Violence Committee at Hwagok Elementary School, Gilum Middle School, etc.
  • -Court-appointed lawyer at Bongsan 1-dong, Seoul-Advisory counsel at Gangseo Police Station, Seoul
  • -Advisory counsel and professional journalist at Incheon Biz Co., Ltd.
  • -Advisory counsel of ISC
  • -Completed the stock training institute of Seoul Bar Association
  • -Completed the accounting training institute of Seoul Bar Association
  • -Jury judge of Korea Creative Content Agency-Acquired patent attorney certification
  • -Acquired tax accountant certificate
  • -Received a citation of the excellent counseling lawyer from the Naver Forum (Jisikin)
  • -Received a citation of a town attorney in Seoul

Key Accomplish Practices

  • -Representation of stock investment victims against accounting corporations and investment advisors (carried out first, second and third trail)
  • -Representation of lawsuit for the lessor for transfer and rent claim against the lessee
  • -Representation of damage claim lawsuit for defamation
  • -Consultation on D Service Company’s lawsuit of a request for termination of the contract due to the malfunction of machinery
  • -Consultation on stock trading and licensing contracts of P Corporation
  • -Representation of claim for the performance bond insurance of Y Service Company
  • -Investigation to determine a warrant’s validity twice and representation of lawsuit on the gambling opening crime
  • -Carried out many other litigations on the civil/family cases such as divorce, child rearing expenses, loan, financial execution claim, etc.
  • -Carried out as an agent to claim for disaster insurance against various insurance companies
  • -Carried out criminal cases for victims and defendants on many fraud, indecent act by force etc.
  • -Review and consultation for many corporate contracts